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Jane and Joe Moving from Rental to Gold Coast Luxury Building

I remember the first meeting that I had with Jane and Joe at my old brokerage one spring day in April. They arrived by bike and looked very comfortable in shorts. We sat around the conference table and nibbled on goat cheese and black pepper water crackers that I picked up from Marianos on the New East Side. I was interested in learning more about Jane and Joe as they were about learning about the price points of 2 bedroom 1800-2200 SF condos Near North side. They did not have a budget in mind initially. Their lease in the South Loop ended in September. It was clear we didn’t have much time. As I pulled up the MLS and started to go through one of my favorite buildings, they were happy to see that a great condo in the location that they were seeking seemed doable, but they weren’t so impressed with the assessment figures. Joe being the numbers guy asked that we keep assessments under $1500/month and price under 1.8M. Two days later, we had scheduled 5 showings at three different buildings with different finishes just to get an idea of their tastes. The following weekend, we managed to see 8 units at various buildings in a matter of 4 hours. At the end of the first week, Jane and Joe were hooked – they absolutely loved home shopping! They loved the car trips talking about what they had seen and seemed to like and getting to know me. Fast forward, six months later, we had practically seen all condos with a balcony that had a washer/dryer in the unit. We ended up back at the building that they loved early on but didn’t feel had units in their price point. Jane and Joe made an offer on a unit that needed to be rehabbed. Multiple offers had been made on this unit but we came in at a wonderful price backed by strong terms. We got the deal. They also extended their lease by six months in anticipation of the project. Update: Over the course of the project, I had the opportunity to catch up with Jane over lunch and see her unit several times. Jane and Joe love the building, the staff and their new neighborhood.

First Time Buyer from DC with an International Connection

I sat down one early morning to open an interesting inquiry from Dubai. Meena sent the most detailed email that I had ever seen in terms of the circumstances of the upcoming move for her son. She had found me on the internet. Meena was a physician who lived abroad with her husband. Paul was their only son. Paul had landed a great tech job and was moving from the DC area to Chicago in a few weeks. Paul’s friend in Lakeview was happy to lend his sofa to Paul until he found a place. I bed, under 600k. nice location. Must be close to work and overlook water, with close to the loop where Paul worked as the main criteria, we focused our search in 3 nearby neighborhoods. A quick drive around town a few times with Paul helped narrow down the area even more. It was clear in our first meeting that while Paul was quiet, he had a different idea on what he wanted in his first home. He was a practical guy and didn’t see the need to be looking at water every waking moment. He preferred to be able to hop on his bike and be able to ride along Lake Shore. It also turned out Paul was a numbers guy and paid close attention to all the fees that Condos imposed. Paul also wanted to be able to rent his place in case he needed to move for another job relocation. Two months into our search, Paul discovered he loved the unit that he had seen a month earlier. With it being on the market for quite a while, we were able to get a great price. That summer, I met with Paul and his parents who were there on a brief vacation. She was elated even though this condo didn’t have any lake views. It was nestled in the heart of river North and had the most amazing city views from its high floor. Paul is happy and just as important, Meena and her husband are happy. Happy customers are the best outcome of my job.

Urgent Streeterville Rental Needed for a Couple with a Baby on the Way!

Patty knew Streeterville was the right fit for her husband and baby on the way when she reached out to me. We only looked at 4 or 5 buildings and probably around 8-9 units. Will and Patty surprised me by choosing a condo that was low key, not as flashy or glitzy as a couple of others we had seen. They said it felt like home from the moment they stepped in. I can’t wait to work with Patty and will again when they decide to purchase a place of their own. I also can’t wait to meet their now 1 year old. I keep sending them information on schools knowing full well how important it is to start understanding the options that the city has. Being the super mom, Patty looks like she is ahead of the game, and has even picked out the Montessori and middle school for her son!

Two Physicians Decide to Give the City a Try

With my husband in the healthcare field in Chicago, I work quite frequently with physicians and nurses. Matt worked for Rush Medical Center and Kathy at Northwestern Hospital. They have a suburban home as well as their weekend home in Michigan. With children who are now adults, Matt and Jane were toiling with the idea of trying out city living for a while before they met me at a holiday gathering. Matt was convinced that Jane liked her quiet and didn’t think that they would “last” in the city for more than a year. Matt and Jane decided to keep the numbers pretty low but chose the most beautiful high-rise in New East Side, which is very popular among professionals. With pretty much everything from Marianos grocery, museums and great dining options just a short walk away, Matt and Jane fell in love with their small but practical one bedroom. Matt and Jane have just embarked on a discussion to sell their suburban home and find a 2-bedroom condo to purchase in the coming months.

A Couple with a Dog Selling a Townhome

June and Pete are the most adorable couple that I have ever met in my life. I have learned so much about what marriage is supposed to be through the great wisdom they have imparted during our many many meetings. Great things do happen to good people is a true statement. I met June and Pete through  the doorman at one of my listings in South Loop. They were curious about a building next door and had politely asked the doorman if he knew of any realtors. He happened to know me and shared my contact information. When I met June and Pete, they weren’t even sure where to begin their search, but when they told me they lived in a 4 story home and were hoping for less space and less climbing and that they had a dog, I knew before they did what kind of space would suit them the best. Being sophisticated art collectors, they were not impressed by what they called shiny buildings and were looking for a home and building with character. In the end, June and Pete ended up on a tree lined street in Gold Coast in a building with a lot of charm. To this day, June and Pete are some of the funniest and wonderful couples that I have met. I look forward to growing my friendship with them.

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